Our digital products are one of the core elements in our business. We have published several ebooks and other digital information resources, which are being used as lead magnets as well as individual and/or bundled products. Apart from written content, we also work with content for social media, infographics, Excel sheets and other similar digital products.

For clients

We use our digital products to drive traffic to our clients’ websites and landing pages. We also help our clients build landing pages and funnels to convert traffic and leads into paying customers. For most clients we offer to make customized products tailored to their brands and target audiences.

By drawing upon our experience and expertise in the online marketing field, we can help most businesses launch and scale online marketing campaigns driven by digital products, landing pages and funnels. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business to launch a succesfull campaign.

Our portfolio of websites includes:

  • Affiliate marketing websites
  • Content-sites with banner ads
  • Webshops (only digital products)

We utilise our portfolio of websites as basis for some of our advertising solutions by driving relevant traffic to our clients’ websites and landing pages.

For most clients we propose to build the landing pages needed for running successfull advertising campaigns online. For certain clients we also offer to build entire websites.

With some testing, optimization and time, we are in most cases able to deliver a better ROI on your advertising budget compared to more traditional or conventional traffic sources. This is the primary secret behind our success.

Today, a strong online presence is essential for all businesses seeking to increase their inflow of leads and grow their revenue. For more than 15 years, we have been providing high quality SEO solutions for businesses wanting to expand and reinforce their online presence.

We work across many sectors and niches, but have a special focus on Medical SEO. Some of our long-time clients include:

  • Hospitals, medical centers and private clinics
  • Independant doctors, practitioners and other health professionals
  • Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies
  • Patient associations and patient networks

Our tried-and-true SEO techniques and practices have resulted in many success stories for our clients.

Our developers can help you with different technic aspects, such as:

  • Tracking of visitors, leads and convertions
  • Tracking of visitor behaviour on websites and landing pages
  • Technical issues related to the collaboration with us or the software we use

All tracking and analysis is done via third party software – our developers can only help with the setup and maintenance of the different types of software we use.

Our development team also helps certain clients with minor development and technical support tasks. These services are completely seperated from our other services and are also invoiced as such.

Our video production team does not only produce video content to our own media, but also on a per-task basis for many of our clients. This is a quick and easy solution if you only need a small amount of videos for your website and/or marketing material.

Video production is an integral part of our company and videos are used in many of our digital products and much of our advertising material. In some cases – such as video courses – the videos are the content itself!

Our team has many years of experience within the field and their solid backgrounds enables us to produce new content in a quick and extremely cost-effective manner. As of today the team consists entirely of freelancers and external consultants who are specialized in their respective areas of video production.

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Thorough analysis and continuous optimization helps you achieve long lasting results that can be sustained far beyond the lifespan of most other advertising activities.

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